Our Difference

Chances are you have tried other diet programs in the past. You’ve lost weight and felt better. You may have gained weight back repeatedly and are feeling frustrated. You may even have health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure that are related to being overweight. You are ready for a positive change in your health and the way you look and feel.


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We Understand Your Issues

We understand. The problem you have been having with your weight loss is universal. Many people want to get a “quick fix” or a “magic pill”. You probably realize by now that there is no magic diet solution! Dr. Schmidt realizes that the decision to lose weight is anything but small; it is a complete lifestyle change. Whether clients are suffering from health problems related to excess weight or are interested in losing 15-20 pounds for cosmetic reasons, Dr. Schmidt will customize a program based on your needs.

sporty-woman-tape-measureDr. Schmidt is a board certified Family Practice physician who specializes in bariatric medicine. She received bariatric training through the The Center for Medical Weight Loss, a network of physicians established in 2002 to bring trained medical expertise to the field of weight loss. She recognizes the medical origin of obesity and is dedicated to working exclusively with people suffering from overweight and obesity. She recognizes the health benefits of weight loss, including a decrease in dependence on medicines used to treat many chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

Individualized Weight Loss Programs for You

Each individualized program is supported with ongoing one-on-one care including nutrition, fitness, behavioral motivation, counseling , and in some cases medicine. Dr. Schmidt uses the latest techniques and medical data available in the field of bariatric medicine, including high quality nutritional products only available to medical doctors. Also available to clients are FDA approved weight loss medications. Dr. Schmidt’s goal is to provide people with weight issues access to compassionate, dedicated professional specialists. Successful clients who have reached their weight loss goals describe their experience as life-changing and in some cases life-saving!