Weight Loss Programs


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Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary is thrilled that you are serious about your long term health and well being. Our main goal is helping improve the health of those in our community. 

Here’s how to get started on YOUR weight loss plan:

  • Give us a call at (919) 852-2132. We’ll be happy to answer any initial questions you may have.
  • Make an appointment for an initial consultation. It’s 100% FREE and there is no obligation to get on our weight loss program afterward.
  • Come in and talk to us.  At your initial consultation, you will get a body composition analysis, a thorough review of your health and weight history and an explanation of the programs we offer.
  • After determining the best program to meet your needs, start on your personalized program and get on the road to better health!

Personalized Weight Loss

Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary offers comprehensive program options that are tailored to YOUR weight loss needs. Everyone gains and loses weight differently. All programs are supervised by Dr. Jennifer Schmidt, a board-certified physician and one of the most experienced bariatric doctors in the Cary area. We focus on the physical and behavioral aspects of the weight loss process with attention to treating you as an individual. Dr. Schmidt will recommend a program that she feels is the most appropriate to help you meet your needs and goals. If anyone can help you figure out how you lose weight best and get you to your goals, it’s her.

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