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I lost 50 pounds under the care of the Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary. Prior to the center, my body was morphing into someone that I did not recognize. Since I love to eat, the changes in my body composition did not stop me from eating until the weight started to impact my health. My cholesterol exceeded 295 and I knew something had to be done.

Rose - Before Doctors Weight Loss Center

Rose – Before Doctors Weight Loss Center

Under the care of Dr. Schmidt, I was able to drop the pounds. I was not looking for a quick fix, but a lifestyle change. The Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary took me on a journey to better health, wiser food choices, consistent weight loss in pounds and inches, and a friendly caring staff to help me achieve my goal. My heaviest was 210 pounds. It was very easy for me to lose 10 pounds, but I would always gain the weight back plus more.

I started the program at 199.5 and continued to lose weight week after week. Some weeks I would lose pounds and other weeks I would lose inches. I am very happy with my results and will continue to be monitored by the center. It’s now part of my lifestyle.

Rose - After Doctors Weight Loss Center Rose