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In October of 2009, as I stood atop Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, Maine, I came to an astonishing conclusion. I was HUGE! My husband, who had stopped taking pictures of me many years ago, at my request, decided to capture the moment on our vacation. Upon looking at the result, I gasped and made a decision. I was going to begin a quest for health and that meant losing 100 pounds or more.

Mame - Before Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary

Mame – Before Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary

I was fortunate enough to have known someone, my dear friend Susanne, who had found a successful support program through her doctor’s office, Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary. She had shown me the way through her loss of over 50 pounds. I wanted that outcome, too, and more. In November of 2009, I met Dr. Jennifer Schmidt for the first time and felt immediately at ease. She assured me that there were options for gaining my health back and my self-confidence. Her staff was also extremely helpful and warm. It makes such a difference when you feel valued and genuinely welcomed into the office environment. Let’s face it, folks, we don’t exactly get that everywhere when we’re obese, or in my case, morbidly obese. People look at you with disgust and ignore you when you’re shopping or look right through you as you pass them. I never have felt that response from anyone in this practice.

Over the course of my program I have met obstacles to my progress, but I have been determined to reach my goal. Dr. Schmidt has taken whatever steps necessary and has explored other options to help me achieve success. I can’t say enough about the supportive way I have been treated and how much healthier I look outwardly and feel inwardly. People that see me for the first time in a while can’t believe I haven’t had gastric bypass surgery. I never wanted that for myself because I felt that I needed to learn to deal with my food issues between my ears and begin to eat to live, not live to eat!

I have to say that without the help of Dr. Schmidt, Vonnie, and Lisa, this journey would have been almost impossible. Thanks to them, I am becoming my most authentic self. The goal post is in sight now and I will attain the prize…a healthy body.

Mame - After Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary Mame