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As a professional dieter, I was out of options that worked to reach a healthier weight by my 58th birthday. Fortunately, I took the initiative to search the internet to see if there were any solutions I had not tried. I happened to come across the Doctors Weight Loss Center with a location in the vicinity of my work.

Exercise as part of your Doctors Weight Loss programI made the initial call for information which the receptionist graciously obliged in a very professional and pleasant manner. Knowing I was desperate for help, I had the audacity to ask the receptionist if Dr. Schmidt was any good. Her response was simple. She had been with Dr. Schmidt for 10 years and Dr. Schmidt, formerly a general practitioner, still had contact with former patients. I was convinced.

That was 6 months ago and 25 pounds later. It has been a rough journey, but a supportive one, that has given me the strength to take control of my health. Dr. Schmidt’s approach is a commitment to you for a healthier lifestyle with a program to fit your needs and budget. There is no pressure. She is a great listener and has a no pressure attitude to purchase any of the products and services available. I really appreciate those qualities. I only have another 10 pounds to lose to reach my goal but my connection with Dr. Schmidt is forever.

Thank you, Dr. Schmidt, for all of your help and understanding with my successes and my setbacks.