3 Ways to Beat the Weight Loss Blues

What do you do when boredom strikes, weight loss slows, or you just feel some diet fatigue? It’s not easy to beat the weight-loss blahs, but know that you’re not alone: Most people trying to lose weight experience a loss of focus or motivation at some point. The key is to keep your focus on the long-term and use tricks to push through those shorter-term challenges. Next time the ‘blahs’ are getting you down, try these tips:

  1. Have a distraction: What’s your boredom go-to? If you’re used to reaching for that bag of potato chips while watching an episode of Project Runway, you know that’s not the right choice for you. But what can you replace it with? Pull out some paper and list at least three things you can do—realistically!—when boredom strikes and you’re tempted to binge. Maybe it’s that home improvement project you never seem to get to, scrapbooking, or that overdue call to your college roommate. Ideally, you want a mix of long- and short-term ideas—so immerse yourself in painting the guest room for several days if you want, and also have a list of people you can call for a quick after-work walk. Know what you need and have some ideas to help you get it.
  2. Choose a mantra: How do you deal with frustration—whether it’s slowing weight loss, cravings, or just a bad day? Many who have successfully lost weight rely on mantras or cues to remind them why what they are doing is important. If you’re losing weight to improve your health and be a role model for your kids, write down all the reasons why improved health equals an improved life and put it on your refrigerator. If you’re ready to achieve and maintain a weight that makes you feel confident and energetic, find some inspiring quotes or pictures that reflect this goal and place them prominently around your house and work area. Review these cues every time you need reminding why spending time getting healthier is worth doing!
  3. Build in some wiggle room: Know when you need structure and when you need flexibility. The beauty of a medical weight loss program is the structure and guidance it gives you. But you also know life is a balance between structure and flexibility, so don’t be afraid to diverge from your path once in a while. For instance, if you’re on The Doctors Weight Loss Center Modified Plan, you have some flexibility with dinner, so use it! Treat yourself by dining out or experiment with a new recipe to keep your taste buds enticed. The nutritional information for many chain restaurants is available online, and some are now offering menus with 500-calorie entrees, which makes it simple for you!

Spend a few minutes looking at the menu online and decide what looks good and fits with your plan before you go out. Then enjoy—and kiss those blues goodbye.